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How can you keep yourself and the dogs you are walking safe when out and about? Please read on, my methods are proven for well over a decade! As a professional Pet Sitter/Dog walker for 16 years now, I have never had an issue with safety when walking dogs and here’s why. Not that I [...]

Ahhhhhh cats … don’t you just love ’em! Does your cat get to venture out to the mighty outdoors? Cats truly are creatures of curiosity and adventure! Does your cat get enough stimulation at home? With the danger of letting our cats outdoors in Lincoln City, OR ~ many are building cat enclosures outside where [...]

The Facts About Heartworm Disease

heartworm disease

April is Heartworm awareness month. An estimated 27 million dogs are NOT on heartworm prevention. In 2001, over 240,000 dogs and 3,000 cats tested positive for heartworms. Heartworm disease is no joke! It is a serious disease and can be fatal if left untreated. Until recently it was thought that heartworm disease was not a [...]

What a Wonderful World Slideshow

This slideshow made with Smilebox Coastal Paws Pet Sitting, Lincoln City Oregon.

With this being an El Nino year ~ everything is getting so lush and green. But beware! There is a negative side to this blessing from mother nature.  One of the negative consequences of all this moisture can be found right in your own yard – mushrooms are sprouting. With names like “Death Cap” and “Destroying [...]

Warning to all dog owners! Have you read the warnings about this product, Trifexis? Please be advised of the dangers of using Trifexis for fleas, heartworm, etc. Read a review of this product here…/hundreds-more-dog-deaths…/vCkz6M/. In addition ~ your professional pet sitter can help you by keeping a watchful eye to locate fleas on your [...]

You are enjoying the day with two dogs ~ and something triggers one of them, a fight ensues. What do you do? As a professional pet sitter in Carlsbad, CA we are safety first. All precautions are taken to ensure the safety of all at Divine Canine Pet Sitting! Here is the story of a [...]

So you’re ready to start looking for a dog for your family ~ congratulations! Please do your homework and find a dog who will fit into the atmosphere at your home.  Check your local shelters first ~ and spend a lot of time there with your family and really examine the personality of the dog [...]

* Are you insured? Can I see your proof of insurance? * Are you Background Checked? Can I see that proof also? * How long have you been in business? * May I please see some of your client’s reviews? * Have you ever had any complaints or insurance claims? * Why did you chose [...]