Warning to pet owners! Do you give Trifexis your dogs?

trifexis-headerWarning to all dog owners! Have you read the warnings about this product, Trifexis? Please be advised of the dangers of using Trifexis for fleas, heartworm, etc. Read a review of this product here http://www.wsbtv.com/…/hundreds-more-dog-deaths…/vCkz6M/. In addition ~ your professional pet sitter can help you by keeping a watchful eye to locate fleas on your pets.

If you do use these types of products, please reconsider. Did you know soap kills fleas? Removing carpeted areas where your pets have access, washing dog/cat beds in hot water regularly, vacuuming often, and giving your pets a nice bath can help you keep fleas, etc at bay.  In addition, feeding a healthy diet will help naturally repel fleas, etc. Adding Apple Cider vinegar to your pet’s food or water will also help. Kibble fed dogs are more likely to collect fleas as their skin is smelly and greasier than pets who are fed a raw diet.

The risk of these toxic products are something every pet owner should research in depth before giving or applying them to their beloved furry family members. Check your areas for heartworm cases. Simply google “Heartworm cases” in your city/state to find out what cases have occurred recently.  Some areas have more risk of contracting heartworm than others. Does your pet have access to standing water? Do you have a mosquito issue in your area? You can simply call your vet and ask if any cases have broken out of heartworm in your town. Here in Carlsbad, CA we have VERY low incidence of heartworm cases ~ so it’s imperative you way the risks to the benefits. As a professional pet sitter, offering pet sitting in the Carlsbad CA areas,  and professional dog walker, I am always aware of any parasites I may see on my client’s pets and will bring that to the client’s attention right away.

Please ~ do your own research into these products before applying topically or feeding them to your pets. The heartache you would have if your pet had an adverse reaction or worse would be unbearable! I hope this helps!