El Nino Threat to Dogs: Deadly Mushrooms!

With this being an El Nino year ~ everything is getting so lush and green. But beware! There is a negative side to this blessing from mother nature.  One of the negative consequences of all this moisture can be found right in your own yard – mushrooms are sprouting. With names like “Death Cap” and “Destroying Angel”, some may be deadly to your dogs. Lisa Bloch of Humane Society of Marin told KPIX, “Dogs can get very sick. Sometimes it’s just vomiting, but often times it can lead to death very quickly. There’s one type of mushroom that if a dog eats, they get sick initially, then they get better, then they go into liver failure. It’s tragic.”

Check your own yard for mushrooms and remove them as they sprout, carefully washing your hands when you’re finished.

On walks with your dog or trip to a dog park, pay attention to what they get into. If your dog eats a mushroom, consider a trip to the vet.

The North American Mycological Association has photos of deadly mushrooms online, along with the symptoms they produce. Some toxins produce symptoms within 15 minutes of ingesting while others take hours, lulling you into thinking that everything is okay.

Here, in Carlsbad CA we have many trails to enjoy walks with your dogs. Please stay on the trail and watch where your dog sticks his head when sniffing the terrain. If you are walking off-leash, you cannot possibly know what your dog is getting into. It’s amazing how quickly they can grab something they shouldn’t! See photo below ~

Deadly Mushrooms

Deadly Mushrooms