Do you take your cat out for a stroll?

Ahhhhhh cats … don’t you just love ’em! Does your cat get to venture out to the mighty outdoors?

Cats truly are creatures of curiosity and adventure! Does your cat get enough stimulation at home? With the danger of letting our cats outdoors in Lincoln City, OR ~ many are building cat enclosures outside where they have a cat door access (closed at night) and can get out, enjoy the fresh air and admire nature!  A few of my pet sitting clients at in Lincoln City, OR  have these “Catio’s” which are completely enclosed and covered. It’s imperative to keep them safe and keep predators out!

You could also be like my dear friend who takes her cat out daily in his special stroller! Check out this handsome boy out for his cruise around the hood  This free spirited kitty has such a deep and full life with his wonderful owner!  Yes, some cats DO like to get out and experience the mighty outdoors!

My own cat would be miserable if kept inside constantly. Heck, she was born in a barn in Mexico! She’s one tough 18 yr old cat!

There are many specialized harnesses built for cats. Be sure your cat is comfortable walking inside the home with this harness on before venturing out. Try placing the harness on your kitty in the home and let him/her walk around with it on to get accustomed to it. Then, you can attach the leash so he/she can get used to that as well.

When venturing out, stay close to your home and just let kitty explore all the exciting scents, butterflies, lizards, etc! Gradually build the area you walk with your cat and watch your cat flourish!

Not all cats have the desire to go outside ~ so determine your cat’s personality and if you see that he/she wants to get out that door and is a confident, outgoing cat ~ you are doing a nice thing for kitty to see the world!

Happy Spring to you and your beloved cats!


Outdoor fun with Fledermaus!

Outdoor fun with Fledermaus!

** Written by: Carrie Seger ~ proud owner of Coastal Paws Pet Sitting. Offering responsible, trusted pet care since 2007. Insured/Family owned and staffed/CPR Pet First Aid Certified/Background Checked. Voted #1 Pet Sitting Company!